Admissions in all institutions run by Qadeer-ul-Uloom are open on 1st of April every year as per following provisions:
  • Al-Qadeer Public School- L.K.G, U.K.G and Class I
  • Al-Qadeer Higher Secondary School- Class VI and Class IX
  • Madarsa Qadeer-ul-Uloom- no time bound provision
No application is entertained after 31st July. There shall be no admission to class X at any time in the academic session. In special cases, admission can be granted after kind permission of DIOS.

Application form along with detailed brochure can be obtained from respective institutions by paying a sum of Rs. 100/- as processing fee. However, no application or tuition fee is charged in admissions to Madarsa and students can be admitted in to the madarsa at any time.

Along with compulsory subjects, education is provided in Urdu, Sanskrit, Mathematics, Elementary Mathematics, English, Home Science, Science, Social Science, Arts, Commerce as major optional subjects.


Al-Qadeer Institutions are committed to quality education. After getting affiliated with Uttar Pradesh Madhyanik Shiksha Parishad, Al-Qadeer Higher Secondary School came out with bright results in high school examination:

YEAR 2010
Mr. Mohd. Mehkoom- 74.83%
Mr. Mohd. Sarim Ashrafi- 73.17%
Ms. Mah-e-Kauser- 71.33%

YEAR 2011
Mr. Mohd. Salman- 73.00%
Mr. Muzaif Ali- 71.66%
Ms. Mahim Naz- 69.80%

YEAR 2012
Ms. Afiya Bano- 84.16%
Ms. Iqra Parveen- 82.50%
Ms. Shehreen Parveen- 81.60%

YEAR 2013
Ms. Nida Fatima- 84.50%
Ms. Naureen Fatima- 84.16%
Ms. Rabia Jahan- 83.70%

YEAR 2014
Mr. (Hafiz) Mohd. Zimam- 84.33%
Ms. Afiya Khatoon- 84.00%
Ms. Anam Fatima- 83.16%

YEAR 2015
Ms. Asma Bi- 90.33%
Ms. Imsala- 87.83%
Ms. Aiman Zehra- 87.00%

YEAR 2016
Mr. Shahbaz Ali- 88.67%
Mr. Mohd. Khurram- 86.00%
Ms. Rifa Anjum- 85.83%

YEAR 2017
Ms. Anamta Parveen- 87.66%
Ms. Tarannum Jahan- 85.00%
Ms. Ilmas Fatima- 84.16%

YEAR 2014
Mr. (Hafiz) Mohd. Zimam- 84.33%
Ms. Afiya Khatoon- 84.00%
Ms. Anam Fatima- 83.16%


Our founder believed that women constitute half of our population and they are the main architects of our home, our society and our nation. They should be given every opportunity of their betterment in the society. The process should start from our homes. We should encourage our daughters for modern education along with oriental discourses.

In this backdrop, Mr. Qadeer strictly wanted his institutions to be co-educational. After his sad demise, Managements Committee paid special emphasis on women education. With tireless efforts of Faculty Members, Parents and the Committee, founder's dream has turned in to reality and we feel proud that women students are shining stars in our high school and others results. In last five years, top three rankers constitute 10 Girls out of 15 as shown above.

The committee is determined to start Intermediate and Bachelor classes especially for women students in coming years.


A disciplined atmosphere is the key behind all success stories. As far as discipline is concerned, no leeway is permitted with regard to students and teachers.
Students are required to abide by the rules and regulations of the school pertaining to dress-code, health and hygiene, general conduct etc.

School Timings
Summer: 8:00 am to 1:00 pm (Friday: 8:00 am to 12:00 noon)
Winter: 10:00 am to 3:30 pm (Friday: 9:00 am to 12:00 noon)

Senior Girls: 
  1. White Suit
  2. Brown (Cola Colour) Salwar
  3. Brown (Cola Colour) Socks
  4. Black Shoe

Junior Girls:
  1. White Shirt
  2. Brown (Cola Colour) Skirt (on parents' discretion)
  3. Brown (Cola Colour) Socks
  4. School Tie
  5. School Belt
  6. Black Shoe

  1. White Shirt
  2. Brown (Cola Colour) Pant
  3. Brown (Cola Colour) Socks
  4. School Tie
  5. School Belt
  6. Black Shoe

On Wednesday, brown outfits are to be replaced with white one.