Selections in Higher Studies

Teaching and Guidance programme was conducted by Al-Qadeer Institutions in previous academic session for helping students get selection in better institutions for higher education. Following students have been selected for higher studies in Aligarh Muslim Univeristy, (AMU) Aligarh for the session 2014-15:

1. Mr. Mohd. Azim- Geology Honors (Al-Qadeer Alumnus)
2. Mr. Mohd. Al-Qamar- Botany Honors (Al-Qadeer Alumnus)
3. Mr. Muzaif Ali- Geology Honors (Al-Qadeer Alumnus)
4. Mr. Mohd. Zilal- Urdu Honors (Al-Qadeer Alumnus)
5. Mr. Salman Alvi- Hindi Honors
6. Mr. Faiz Jami- Mathematics Honors

Al-Qadeer students selected in previous sessions in different institutions are:
1. Mr. Mohd. Mehkoom- Physics Honors (AMU, Aligarh)
2. Mr. Mohd. Sarim- Islamic Studies Honors (AMU, Aligarh)
3. Mr. Mohd. Salman- Geology Honors (AMU, Aligarh)
4. Mr. Hifzur Rehman- B.Tech (BNCET, Lucknow)